Being Scottish In Italy

(or “I'll give it 2 years”)

Being Scottish in Italy

Being Scottish In Italy

Author: Fraser Lauchlan
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In 2018 I published my first venture in mainstream writing Being Scottish in Italy (or “I’ll give it 2 years”). The book is based on the first two years of my life after moving to Sardinia in 2009 with my Italian wife and family. It started off as blogs I wrote for family and friends but the more I wrote, the more I realised I was writing a book. It is written in an ironic and humourous style inspired by one of my favourite writers: Bill Bryson.

The Italian version – “Uno scozzese in Sardegna” – was shortlisted for the 2020 Franco Putzolo Literary Prize at the ‘Strangius’ International Festival of Literature.

Book Overview

Everybody loves Italy. Well, ok, maybe not everyone. But a lot of people do. Including me. After 12 years of living in Scotland, my Italian wife abruptly announced to me on a cold, grey November morning that she wanted to move back home. Home being the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia, slap bang in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. After having lived almost all of my life in Scotland, I suddenly found myself facing the reality of moving to a different country, a different climate and a different language to all that I had known. A lot of it was good. A lot of it wasn’t so good. But most of the time, I tried to see the funny side. This is the story of someone coping with Being Scottish in Italy.

Feedback from those who have read Being Scottish in Italy:

“Hilarious! If you like Bill Bryson, then you will love this” (Marta Kadziela)

“Brilliant…fascinating…entertaining…evocative…acute observations…just a bloomin’ good read. Certain to brighten up your day” (Phil Stringer)

“A fascinating peep into the life of an ‘ordinary of sorts’ Italian family and their life from the perspective of a Scot who moved to Sardinia with his Italian wife. Lots to learn about the culture and lots to laugh about too” (Eleanor Hamilton)

“Utterly brilliant. Hilarious, entertaining, interesting and enlightening. I could not put this down and I finished it in one day” (Amazon review)

“Not sure how this book has passed me by but it’s a really good one. Really enjoyable and many laugh out loud moments – I woke up two family members laughing loudly on two separate occasions” (Amazon review)

“This book is a little treat for yourself. It’s a comforting book that warms you like a conversation with a good pal” (Amazon review)

“I just love this book. It is certainly a must read for anyone who has experienced moving away from their homeland and was ‘adopted’ by a foreign country.” (Amazon review)

“I read this exceptional book all in one breath: entertaining and instructive at the same time.” (Amazon review)

“This book gives an exceptional overview of the vicissitudes of moving to Italy from a more northerly European country, and hilariously so” (Amazon review)

“This is a must read, I found myself laughing out loud so many times” (Amazon review)

“Insightful and hilarious reflections on moving home and settling in a new country. Shines a light on life and culture in both Scotland and Italy. Packed with observations and information within an easy-to-read story of a life changing experience” (Amazon review)

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Being Scottish In Italy