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Being Scottish In Italy

The following books can be purchased on-line via Amazon or via the publisher directly. I have been involved in each book as either co-author or, in the case of edited books, as a contributor to one of the chapters.

Bilingualism and Minority Languages In Europe (2017)

Authors: Fraser Lauchlan and MCP Couto.
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars
Amazon  |  Publisher

Improving Learning Through Dynamic Assessment (2013)

Authors: Lauchlan, F. & Carrigan, D.
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Amazon  |  Publisher

The Routledge International Companion to Educational Psychology (2013)

Editor: A.J. Holliman.  Publisher: Routledge
Chapter 4 by Boyle, C. & Lauchlan, F. “A comparative overview of educational psychology across continents”
Amazon  |  Publisher

Student Learning: Improving Practice (2013)

Editor: C. Boyle.  Publisher: Nova Science
Chapter 1 by Lauchlan, F. “I think that I think I know what I’m doing: Improving learning through the use of meta-cognition”.

What works in inclusion? (2012)

Editors: C. Boyle & K. Topping.
Publisher: McGraw Hill Open University Press
Chapter 3 by Lauchlan, F. & Fadda, R. “The ‘Italian model’ of full inclusion: origins and current directions”
Amazon  |  Publisher

Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology (2008)

Editors: B. Kelly, L. Woolfson & J. Boyle.
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Chapter 2 by J. Boyle, T. MacKay & F. Lauchlan “The Legislative Context and Shared Practice Models”
Amazon  |  Publisher